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Here are just a few records that I have either produced for other artists, or bands that I have been in through the years.  Happy listening! 

Tony Furtado - The Bell  
This is one of 6 (yes 6) records I have made for this Banjo and Slide guitar master.  And a hell of a song writer too.  Released in 2015.  If you enjoy this record - also check out one called "Golden" made a few years earlier
Nick Peets - The Ride
This is a record that I Engineered and Produced back in 2009.  Aptly named - This is truly an Americana Psychedelic Ride.  The Ride  was made at my Portland Studio (8 Ball Studio) before moving my digs to New Mexico.
Moody Little Sister - Great Big Mama Sunshine. 
This is a band I was in for nearly 10 years.  I was multi instrumentalist, producer, co-writer, and background singer.  This record won "Best Country Record" at the New Mexico Music Awards in 2020.

Award Winner!

Debra Arlyn - Tomorrow Another Day
This pop and soul gem was released in 2008. Debra and I assembled a top notch band including the amazing Enrique "Bugs" Gonzalez on drums.
Lesley Kernochan - The Pickle Jar 
I'm not sure how to characterize this genre bending 2009 release.  Lesley and I had a blast making it with another amazing crew - including Drew Shoals (long time drummer for the band Train
The Baseboard Heaters - Lost All Faith
This is the first band I fronted and wrote most of the songs - this is our second album released in 2001.  This band formed in 1997 when I was 25 year of age.  We performed at some amazing venues including the House of Blues and the Troubadour.  

Various Artist's Jukebox:

Here is a random sampling of 2 or 3 songs from a bunch of records I have recorded and/or produced - or bands that I have been in.  The Imprints was my band after The Baseboard Heaters.  Rob Stroup & The Blame was the band after that (and before Moody Little Sister).  All the rest of these selections are records I made.  I have a special place in my heart for these songs and the people that sang them.  All dear friends and amazing talents.  Enjoy!!

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