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Client Feedback:

"Rob is a master. He takes your songs to the place they were longing to be. He’s got a great ear for arrangement and instrumentation. Not to mention he can lay down tracks for whatever instrument you can’t! All with a laid back demeanor and sense of humor. Don’t kick yourself for not using Rob for your next record." 
-Jenny Behnke
Skybound Blue

"Rob is as engaged, thorough, and as quick as any engineer and producer I have worked with in all of my decades of making records. He blends a perfect balance of maintaining the artistic integrity of the piece while offering subtle (or even not so subtle, when called for) ideas to help enhance the song. He offers an open-minded, thoughtful, holistic approach to making records and does it with expert skill and style."

-Steve Wilkinson

"I've recorded with Rob many times over the years and the experiences have always exceeded expectations. He provides a comfortable mellow approach, is a fantastic engineer, musician and an awesome guy. I highly recommend booking him for your next project".

Joel Roth



I have been recording & Producing music for 20 years and writing and performing music since my teens.  A few years ago I moved from my home town of Portland, Oregon (where I owned and operated 8 Ball Studio) and moved to a quaint little desert hot spring town called Truth or Consequences, NM.  Here I have been working to renovate an old Adobe home into a professional recording studio.  I am pleased to announce that it is ready and waiting for your next recording project.  With several full length albums EP's under it's belt - Taproot Recording Studio is already well underway.  One noteworthy mention is the Moody Little Sister record "Great Big Mama Sunshine" that was the winner of the New Mexico Music Awards "Best Country Album".  

After 20 years of recording and producing records - I have had the honor of working with incredible artists.  Tony Furtado, Drunken Prayer, Storm Large, Lesley Kernochan, Debra Arlyn, Scott Fisher, Skybound Blue, Anna Graceman, & Chris Robley are among them.  Be sure to visit the "Jukebox" tab to listen to a select few of the over 150 records I have made during my career in professional audio.

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